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September 2012 - Local Girl Scouts Come Volunteer at the farm.....read more here


Zena the True Wonder Horse - Just one tragic story of many who come through our farm, but read the past year of updates and photos about Zena, our Shannon Foundation wonder horse and her road to recovery...read more here


Fox 2 - January 2012 - When an animal really has nowhere else to go, the Shannon Foundation finds a way. The Shannon Foundation Farm is a permanent sanctuary for rescue animals who faced abuse and abandonment...read more here




This year was HOT HOT HOT! We had several new dogs join our crew, and some who left to go to better places. This brings this year to a closing with an important ... read more here


November 2010 - Giant Steps comes for a visit with gifts in tow!...read more here



Post Dispatch June 2008 - Autistic Youngsters meet the animals they help- As horses neighed and roosters crowed, Dakota Simon leaned over a fence at a farm for abused or unwanted animals...read more here


Washington Post, March 2008 - A local animal refuge weathered the floodwaters with its menagerie safe and sound, but now it needs help getting its sanctuary back to normal...read more here


March 2008 - We received major flood damage to the lower section of our farm. All the pasture fencing is either damaged or has been washed away. The animals were brought to high ground and put in a fenced area around the barn...read more here



Well, we all made it through winter in good condition, even though it was one of the roughest winters I have experienced in several years. The weather ranged from just plain cold to very wet, with everything in between, like rain and ice! In fact, early in the winter season, we had an ice storm that took out our electricity for several days, and since we are on a well, no electricity means no water...read more here



Well, here we are in December of 2006, with Christmas right around the corner and the beginning of a new year almost here. Many things have happened at the farm this year, some good, some bad. A few animals in need found their way here to the Shannon foundation....read more here

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