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"On this page are some of the people and animals that have past through my heart."

Charles L. Hughes "A true humanitarian and friend, who taught me so much....." 2002

R.I.P. "Knee~Hi~To~A~Fly", was a red and white Border Collie that I took in as a puppy with a shattered jaw. "Knee~Hi," was 16 years old when we lost her to cancer Thursday. "Knee~Hi" was a fun loving girl that was born to live in the water....SHE LOVED TO SWIM!!!! She spent a lot of her time hunting moles, and would stare at the ground forever looking for any kind of movement. Most of the time she would get them, that never ending Border Collie stare. She loved everyone, and was full of joy......"Knee~Hi" and "Dilly" crossed the Bridge together I have comfort knowing they had each other and didn't go alone.

 "Zeffel" is a senior red and white Pot Bellied Pig. He sleeps most of the time, but will venture out to root and graze on the grass. He has arthritis in his shoulder and is on medications, but he is a very sweet boy who enjoys the peacefulness of the farm.

 "Betty" is a Pygmy goat who came from Grant's Farm and was adopted by her previous owner. However, when her owner moved to Australia, she found her new home here with us, and she seems to love it. Betty is healthy, sweet, and is doing very well.

 I received a call from a St. Louis veterinarian, and it seems one of her clients had brought a cat in to be euthanized for not using the litter pan. Tests were run to see if there was anything medically wrong with the cat, but all the tests came back negative. They had also taken the cat to a behaviorist, but the problem went unsolved. Finally the veterinarian was given permission by the owner to bring the cat here to the farm instead of euthanizing her. Happily, the cat we fondly renamed Miss Diva (she has such an attitude), has lived here since last fall and is doing very well. Miss Diva definitely lives up to her name!

R.I.P. "Dilly", We lost our beautiful Dressage Mare yesterday due to a life ending injury. I'm not sure what she did: stepped wrong, hurt the leg getting up??? I was reinforced just how fragile these beautiful creatures are. Below the knee there is a tendon that acts like a rubber band. The ultrasound showed that this tendon had snapped. This can be common in Sr. horses....Horses do not survive on three legs, and with her being totally blind, and a history of seizures. With her age at 32, that also wasn't in her favor, so along with the Vets advice "Dilly" (after eating her favorite a bag of apples) was humanly euthanized and buried... "Dilly" was one of the lucky ones she was loves and cared for all her life. When she lost her sight she was placed here at TSF by her family to live out her life being fussed over: On a personal note I loved this Mare she was a joy to be around. A great loss is felt by all.......

"Possum" is a grey Welch Pony mix in her thirties. She has had some rough handling in the past and will stand off to the side until you earn her trust. She just enjoys eating, being in the pasture, and splashing in the creek on hot summer days. Possum is a happy butterball who will put a smile on your face. She is on Purina Equine Senior and is on medications for chronic sinus problems. RIP 2011

"Hank" is the biggest Border Collie. He can sometimes be a little dog aggressive, but as long as you are with him, he is fine and loves to go on runs through the fields with the rest of the pack. When we are playing ball in the pasture, he is very fast and is always one of the first to get to the ball. That is his favorite pass time next to riding in the truck when hay is being thrown out. On hot summer days, he loves to go swimming, and herding is always very high on his list of favorite activities. He is just a big sweet boy who loves to give hugs and kisses.

R.I.P.~"HANK", All of our animals are special, but there are some that just stand out. "Hank" was one of those dogs, his beauty, talent, and he was so smart......Two weeks ago he was helping "Sweep" bring in a horse that was out of her pasture. This picture was taken on Easter 3 days ago. He was doing what he loved almost to the end.....He suffered heart failure so this came on suddenly. I had "Hank" since he was a puppy he was 15 years old....he was my friend....tears

"White Dog" was brought here by a rescue group. She was taken from a place where she was used for breeding. That is a horrible thought since she is blind and deaf and those faults where being bred into her puppies. I don't think you could find a sweeter lady. She is getting ready to have surgery to remove a few tumors. "White Dog" is a senior lady now, so her time is spent walking around and enjoying the day, finding a soft place to soak up the sun. Although sleeping is very high on her list, I think eating is her favorite past time of all.

"Jade Dallas" is a greyhound who came from a racing track on the east coast. He has adjusted to farm life very well and is a joy to have around. He is a very kind boy who never uses his speed to chase other animals, but he does take one look at the long driveway and pretends he is back on the track again! Consequently, when he plays in the creek, he has to be on a long leash, but he really loves to run free in the large fenced-in yards near the house, chasing a ball or just running with the rest of the pack. On the flip side of all this energy is Jade Dallas' other favorite activity.....sleeping! Jade will also need dental work in the future.

Abby II is a Chow mix who came to live on the farm because her loving family could no longer care for her due to her severe medical problems. We ran many tests, and with the help of Dr. Bruce, we have been able to keep her thriving for the year she has been here. Since her liver has started to repair itself, you would have a hard time telling she has any health issues.

Although she loves to be a farm dog, she has never really warmed up to any of the other dogs, however, she has fallen in love with a Llama named Meryln! She doesn't want him out of her sight, and I think Merlyn feels the same about her since he will lay down right next to her. Also, Abby's family, even though they live in another state, still drive many hours to spend the day with her.

"Dixie" A Great Dane is a very sad case. Dixie is Bailey's sister they both came from a puppy mill in Missouri. The breeder kept all their Danes in a pen together, therefore there wasn't enough food around for all the dogs. Dixie is a very shy dog and wouldn't fight for her share. She had sores all over her very thin body from malnutrition, her nails where so long they turned under. The sadness in her eyes would make me cry, to think of such kind soul to of suffered so much pain. It took over a year for her to come up to a stranger. Dixie would get as far away from humans as physically possible. Now if she approves she will come up to be patted. She still stays to herself most of the time on a very comfy dog bed in the bedroom. I think her favorite things are to bask in the sun and soak up the rays. Then there is food... She seldom wags her tail but, at feeding time she bounces all over the place. Dixie doesn't like to play or swim, or ride in the truck. I think she thinks if she gets in the truck she will be taken away. But, she does like to go for long walks and run in the pasture. Dixie is a very, very, sweet girl!
Sometimes there isn’t a happy ending…….Monti came to us July 3rd 17 hh retired TB even in his condition he was just beautiful. There wasn’t one inch on his skin that wasn’t infected; he was several hundred pounds under weight. We started him on antibiotics, several small feedings a day, and skin treatments four times a day. Sometimes the skin treatments were very painful for him, but he always stayed kind. When he arrived he was covered in flies, we took care of that issue and also brought in a fan to help him to be more comfortable. I wasn’t sure he would make it the first week, but he started to improve. He was putting on weight all the scabs on his skin were gone and he was starting to heal. I was very excited on his improvement…….2 ½ weeks into his care he took a sudden turn, and after great efforts by our Vet to save Monti he was euthanized……..A very sad ending to very kind old guy…….A lesson everyone can take from this experience is if you can longer care for your animals PLEASE be careful who you give them to. Make sure they have animal experience, and check back to make sure they continue to receive care and are loved…………Tears

Well, I’m back with more bad news…my sweet, brave, courage’s Great Dane “Bailey” died Sunday morning. I rescued her and her sister from a puppy mill many years ago. “Bailey” and “Dixie” where just puppies themselves and the where force to produce puppies. “Bailey” was HW positive and she survived that ordeal. Then she survived a very serious bloat surgery. There wasn’t many days that no matter where I was I could always look down and "Bailey" was always there. This is another one of those dogs that share your life and touch it so deeply... September 12, 2010

I have some very bad news Ellie our sweet blind and deaf Great Dane lost her battle with seizures, and had to be put to sleep. I can’t begin to express the way this beautiful girl touch my life. The joy she had for life despite her blindness and deafness was so overwhelming. She was the first one to greet visitors to the farm. She would nudge their hand until they took her by the collar. Ellie thought this was her job to show everyone around. …She had bad health issues, but she never had a bad day. She could put a smile on anyone’s face and be in awe of her abilities A very loving soul…. Ellie I will never forget you………. September 2010
(First picture taken in 2002 on her arrival)

Suddenly, and very sadly, on November 15, 2008 our sweet, gentle giant Drego had to be put to sleep…

Sadly at 1:25 PM Saturday I put my beautiful Drego to sleep. He died peacefully in my arms....Bruce and Marlene just left to take him to the clinic so he can be pick up Monday to be cremated. Drego never had a sick day since I have had him.  That gives me peace knowing he had a wonderful life and never had a bad day and had so much fun. He was a gift to me, he brighten my life at six weeks of age. I don't think I have ever had to correct him all of his life...... I had him a very short time only 5 years now he is with all my other dogs that went before him.....I feel some peace knowing he didn't suffer, but he was so young at only 5 years of age. He succumbed to a very fast moving spinal tumor; our hearts are broken!

"Bunny" is a Quarter Pony who is well into her early forties. She is very sweet and full of herself; you would never know she is a senior girl. She is missing some of her teeth due to her age, but is still holding her weight. Even though she is on Purina Equine Senior, she still munches on brome hay and pasture grass. Bunny has developed allergies and is on antihistamines that seem to give her some relief.

"Bunny" our beautiful 40+ Qtr. Pony lost her life with cancer November 2009. She has been a big part of our life for over 20 years. I will miss her dearly..........

Sadly on September 19, 2008 we lost our sweet and very loving Golden Retriever “Abby” from cancer at age 11. She was one of those dogs that lived her life full of fun and joy with her tail always wagging, and the look of love in her eyes.

"Abby we will miss you"......

Sandy (Lee) Kohl "2007" Lost her long battle against lung cancer. Rest in peace my friend........

"Blackberry" Pygmy Goat age 14, 2006
Black Silk Stockings "Silkie" Playing with her Wallaby friend 1997
"Dweezel" Potbellied Pig, age 13, 2006
CH. Remote Control, "Mote" the sweetest English Pointer.

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