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     "Isabeau" is a Halflinger who was very badly abused. She was severely beaten and has permanent damage to one side of her face and eye. It took many months of rehabilitation before she could be handled, and even the veterinarians who first treated her had to rope her in order to give medical attention. To know the sweet temperament of the Halflinger is to realize the depth of abuse Isabeau endured, and it breaks your heart.
However, Isabeau has made a complete turnaround and is now very easy to handle, in fact, she stands very still while her feet are being trimmed, and she loves to be brushed and given her horse cookies. She is in her mid twenties and is on Purina Equine Senior.
UPDATE: Last fall Isabeau had to have her eye removed due to a painful tumor. I was very concerned because this was her good eye (her other eye suffered damage years ago from a very abusive owner). Isabeau came through the surgery and recovery period very well. She hated to be kept in a stall for two weeks, but after being returned to her friends in pasture, she did very well. It took her several weeks to adjust to having only one eye, but she keeps Nellie (the other Halflinger), on her blind side for comfort.

Thank you Dr. Craig, and Laurie......
     "Bright" is a 32 year old Standard Donkey whose parents came from the Death Valley wild burro adoption program. She is just a big baby (and kind of a stinker), who has always had good care and loves to have the inside of her long ears scratched. She loves to visit with all of the other animals, and thinks fences and pens were only made as an escape challenge for her, in fact, you never know what field she is going to be in next.  
     "Pepsi" is a beautiful 30 year old paint Hackney pony. He is a good boy who loves to gallop as fast as he can across the pastures. He loves to be brushed and fed cookies, but mostly he just loves the attention; he is a cutie and I believe he knows it. He is a favorite of everyone visiting the farm.  
    "Widow", was a Big Lick Horse and under went horrible pain by the hands of her trainers. She is a very sweet and loving mare who is 30 years old. She has to have special shoes and has to have extra supplements. This helps her with the damage she suffered when she was younger. She is a favorite at the farm.....

  "Old Daisy", is a 40 year-old Quarter Horse mare. She came here in pretty rough condition, but she has put on all her weight since she arrived. She was covered in rain rot, but now her coat just glows. She is stalled twice a day so she can get plenty of hay and grain without being run off from her share by the other horses because she is so timid. The rest of the time, she enjoys grazing in the pasture; she is one of the sweetest horses I think I have ever been around.  
    "Bangs", our little pony who was brought here a year ago after being shot twice. He also has Cushing’s and thyroid disorder. It was touch and go for many months.....We finally got the right balance in his meds to make a turnaround in his condition. He is on two meds daily and is doing GREAT!!! He is in a pasture with "Bright" Donkey. It was wonderful to see him running and playing yesterday now that it is cooler......He is just darling, such a good little guy...Thanks Dr. Craig with saving "Bangs".  
"Zena", came here a little over a month ago. I gained custody of her with the thought I would have to end her suffering. She spent over a year having to crawl in a lot. Her feet had grown so long that they almost grew back in her leg. My farrier Bill Schmidt thought he could save her but it would take probably over a year to bring her back. Well, this week "Zena" ran from Bill (key word RAN) it took both of us to catch her!!! Now when she came here it took several members from MERS to carry her in here she could not walk. Bill was in shock and very happy....Now she still scores in at a body score of a (1) she is very thin, but this will take time. She is out of quarantine and in a area where she can see everything that is going on. Her body has to make adjustments, she is still twisted from not being able to walk...THANK YOU BILL YOU ARE A MIRACLE WORKER!!!!!!! "Zena" is one tuff pony all her years of suffering are over!

UPDATE: Yesterday was a day I hate...decisions had to be made on Zena our little pony. She had spent over a year crawling in a field not being able to walk just from neglect. She has made a huge improvement from the care she has received here. When you stop and think that her hoofs were so long that they curled up and over and almost started growing in her leg. Her hoofs look almost normal! She has one foot that just is giving her problems so we have to look at her quality of life.....No one is willing to give up as yet, she has come so far in her healing. As long as she keeps trying we will keep trying right along with her. She will remain on pain meds, and extra TLC every day...She is one tuff little girl!!!
    "Auna", is a Paso Fino with laminitis, and requires special shoeing. She is one of our Senior horses in her 30's....She has had harsh treatment in her past and is slow to warm up to strangers.

·"Auna", Another horse that was abandoned by her owner.....Animals are a life time commitment!!!!!! They aren't to be dumped on rescues that are already stretched to the limit!!!!! ....We will take them in, because we are all about the animals in need....BUT, SHAME... on you for being so irresponsible, and to think animals can be so easily thrown away like a piece of trash!!!!!
    “Ben” and “Jerry”, are Mini Donkeys, that joined our farm family several months ago. Their owner could no longer keep them. They had been on a diet that didn’t meet the needs of a mini, so they were thin. They hadn’t been halter broke so working with them has been nothing short of fun. I think because of them not being easy to handle they hadn’t had proper foot care. The farrier has worked with them several times and their hoofs are looking much better. They are such big clowns, in a mini package......



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