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We also have quite a few outside birds, some of which we acquired from rescues, and some that came from situations where their owners passed away. Some are kept in large outside flights, and others free range and are locked up at night to keep them safe from predators. They are very healthy and span all ages, some are seniors. We feed a variety of different foods along with fresh greens, and vegetables in season that we grow organically here on the farm. I feel the birds get bored with the same feed everyday, so I know they appreciate the extra variety.





     Daisy Mae is a one-year-old Potbelly Pig. Daisy came to the farm in early winter of 2006 because her owners could no longer keep her. She just grew too big and became too destructive for their home. Daisy was very well cared for, but is a little spoiled and demanding. However, she is learning that she is a pig and is working very hard trying to get along with the other two pigs. Any chance she gets, she is up at the house begging for a pig cookie. Daisy is a very sweet girl who loves to show off her tricks, such as sitting up. Yes, you read it right, this piggy can sit up!  
     "Amanda", a Nubian goat, came here from a dairy farm. Since she could not be bred and could not produce milk, she was no longer needed. However, she was one of the lucky ones, and now enjoys the good life! She is healthy, very sweet and enjoys wandering all over the farm.
     "Boop", a Pygmy goat, is Betty's daughter and is a little on the wild side. She was never handled as a youngster, so she is a little "standoffish," But she loves to run free (and especially likes to run with the horses).


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