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    Our Sika Deer consist of a buck and several does. The herd runs together except during the breeding season when "Uno" is kept in a separate area. Everyone gets along well and has access to green pasture grass for most of the year. Uno is in his early teens and is in very good heath except for some arthritis during the cold months. The girls are also in their early teens and have the same problems with arthritis. Hopefully in the future I will be able to increase their area to include a swimming pond since they love to get in the tub during the hot days.

"Pearl" is our newest arrival who came to us from a petting zoo. It seems she was confined to a pen that was too small and did not allow her to wear down her hooves naturally. This, combined with being overfed, resulted in a deer who could no longer walk. She was scheduled to be euthanized, but, luckily, her rescuer brought her here. It took several weeks of painful treatment to bring her to the point where she is today, and that is a doe who can walk, run and play on normal feet without pain. Also, because she was kept in the petting zoo with Emus, she still likes to spend a lot of time with the Emus here on the farm.
     "Louie" is a hand raised African Grey and a very smart, curious bird. She wants to know what is going on at all times, so her cage must be placed in a position for her to be able to see who is coming and going. Her owner made her a companion bird, but when a new dog was introduced, she became very jealous. Her jealousy caused her to become nippy, but she is still very lively and talkative. And speaking of talkative, she is the most vocal at pleasure and displeasure. Her huge vocabulary lets anyone within earshot know exactly what she wants and NOW. She came to the farm because her owner has lung cancer and was no longer able to care for her. She also came with a companion Cockatiel named Fred Bird. Several folks wanted to buy her, but she needs activity and they worked all day and she would be alone, so the farm was the right place. Her previous owner visits and can see she is a happy, contented bird.
     "Comet" is also a Fennec Fox who owes his life to the farm. He is a young boy full of energy who also loves his toys. He will show everyone his favorite little squeaky basketball. However, unlike Xanadu, Comet does not like to be handled, but he does love to take cookies from your hand. They both live in a heated/air-conditioned indoor area, as well as having access to an outdoor area which simulates their natural desert habitat. They even have a small cave, and, of course, a hammock for their resting pleasure.
     We also have quite a variety of indoor feathered friends living here. They brighten each day with their wonderful songs and beautiful colors. Our variety includes Canaries, Owl Finches, Gouldians, and Parakeets and much more!


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