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December 2007


Well, we all made it through winter in good condition, even though it was one of the roughest winters I have experienced in several years. The weather ranged from just plain cold to very wet, with everything in between, like rain and ice! In fact, early in the winter season, we had an ice storm that took out our electricity for several days, and since we are on a well, no electricity means no water. That meant hauling water by hand to all the animals twice a day, and, believe me, that got very old very fast! Winter 2007.

There was also a concern for the indoor caged birds, but they ended up doing better than I did. Louie, the African Grey Parrot, reminded me several times a day that it was COOOOLD...and just when we thought spring was finally here, we returned to freezing temperatures that killed off all the new bud growth. The animals and I are certainly looking forward to some warm sunshine!
Auna - Paso Fino taking enjoying a cool morning.We also had several new arrivals here at the farm, which include 1 Potbellied Pig and 4 horses. Daisy the pig had a few adjustments to make since she changed from an indoor to an outdoor pig. However, she handled the adjustment very well and now loves living outdoors with her other pig friends, but she still continues to follow me around waiting for her cookies.
There is also a Quarter Horse mare that we call Old Daisy; she is still thin, but is putting on weight and is doing much better. Then in late winter, we had 4 other horses join us...Lance, Auna, Widow, and Fancy, all in good condition. From this group, 2 are Tennessee Walking mares who have settled in wonderfully, and 2 are Paso Finos, who are still a little fractious, but are very sweet horses. They are all just beautiful!
I'm also looking forward to building our new cat facility and enrichment yard as soon as we can raise enough funds. There are also plans to put up the dog agility course; I can't wait, and I know the dogs will be very eager to start! The dogs here at the farm just love to try new things, and it gives me so much pleasure to watch them enjoying life.

Thank you very much,

My Best,

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