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December 2006


Well, here we are in December of 2006, with Christmas right around the corner and the beginning of a new year almost here. Many things have happened at the farm this year, some good, some bad. A few animals in need found their way here to the Shannon foundation, and we are very blessed to have them join us. A sad note however, we lost a few of our very dear old friends; you just wish they could live with us forever. Sham, a 36 year old Quarter Horse, left us early this year...this was a very big loss for me. He was a very kind and loving old guy with a sweet soul; he never looked or acted his age and a week before he died he was running and playing in the pastures...his life was very good. Also, one of our brightest moments this year was the arrival of Nathaniel, the buff and white American Cocker Spaniel. He reminds me of a dreamsickle and he just makes everyone smile!

Nathaniel - American Cocker Spaniel taking a well deserved breakWell, you can tell Winter is here, and it came in with a blast when the St. Louis area was hit with a major winter storm last week. We received rain, followed by 2 inches of ice, with 4 inches of sleet added on, and to top it off, 5 inches of snow fell! I feel very blessed that we did not lose our power, since many in the St. Louis area are still without power a week later. All of the animals are doing great in this winter mix, and since I knew the storm was coming, I was able to prepare and get myself set up. Stacks of hay were brought down from the barn loft and are sitting covered, ready to use. I feel if the animals are on a good diet, all their medical needs are being met, and they have a clean dry place to rest, they can tackle almost anything.

Also, very special thanks to Dr. Bruce for taking time out of his busy schedule this summer to bring his tractor down to brush hog my pastures on one of the hottest days I can remember (it feels good just thinking about the warmth now!). My tractor has seen better days and will need a major overhaul for me to ever be able to use it again safely. Also, to everyone else who has given their time to make sure the farm is a safe place for all creatures, thank you very much!

Finally, our web site is online and almost complete after many months of hard work; I hope you enjoy the site as much as we have enjoyed putting it together. I'm also going to do my best to keep everyone up to date each month with the goings-on here at the farm.

SEASONS GREETINGS! ... and please remember our wild feathered friends.

Thank you very much,
My Best,

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