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We are receiving overwhelming requests to take in horses and dogs. Times are very hard for everyone and, sadly, animals are suffering in these tumultuous economic times. Even though our donations are down, we are going to do our best to help as many animals as we can. We are primarily a retirement farm and we have wonderful permanent animals, but we are going to take in a few animals at a time to put up for adoption. Please everyone, do your home work and figure in board, feed, vet bills, farrier expenses, and emergencies. We want only the best for our animals and would love them to go to a loving, forever home.
 All of our dogs and cats are adopted as INSIDE PETS ONLY and you MUST have a FENCED-IN YARD.


    Traveler was abandoned by his owner, and he came here as a nut case....He NOW has ground manners, can be groomed, clipped, likes his baths, stands well for farrier. He has good feet and I keep him bare foot, but when he came here he had shoes. After we got his feet in good condition he is OK without shoes. He is OK for being in a pasture, or stall. Does NOT do well in a pasture with... other geldings, but is great with mares. I have ridden him with no problems, at first he was very spooky, but if your calm he is calm. I have ridden him in a ring, and also on trails and he was fine. I have only ridden him out alone, but I don't think there would be a problem if he was ridden in a group. I'm not sure of his age, but the Vet said he is at 25 years old. He is very, very pretty!!!!! We are a retirement farm for special needs and Traveler can have many years left. He is also good as a companion.

  Two Sugargliders  
    I have two rescued "Sugar Gliders" up for adoption. They are a pair male and female, but the male has been altered. "Sugar Gliders" are nocturnal so be prepared they will be up all night. This pair are very good eaters, veggies, fruit, pellets and SG nectar. They are extremely fun to watch....They have been with me for several weeks, I wanted to make sure the ate well, they do and are ready for their forever home. Oh yes, they can bite....
  Two Emus      
    I have two Emus UP FOR ADOPTION.....They need to go as singles only, they aren't a proven pair and they do not get along. They have been around horses, deer, sheep, goats, they will chase chickens and dogs. You will need a 5 foot woven wire fence, and a dry shelter, they winter fine in this area. Emu's eat a food that is made for them, ground corn, grass, bugs. They are very easy to care for. These Emu's are being adopted out as pets only...NOT..for butcher!

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