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"Zena" the wonder horse of Shannon Foundation and her road to recovery


February 10, 2012

When I think that nothing could shock or surprise me, this little girl entered my life yesterday.....This little pony has spent the last year in an abandoned lot without food or care. There was a stagnant pond on the property so she had water. She has lived off of weeds and anything that she could crawl to. It was hard to get a picture but her feet are so over grown that she is walking on bone!
Zena the Wonder Horse     Zena the Wonder Horse

February 27, 2012

Our little pony received her first visit of many to come yesterday from our farrier Bill Schmidt. It took three times as long to do each foot, not only because of the growth, but it was very hard for her to stand. She had several old abscesses (the pain she went through with those is just incredible). I was very happy at how Bill was able to get the feet looking on the first visit. She had to lay down the rest of the day as she couldn’t stand; her body has to learn to move again. From having to crawl all those months her tendons are pulled out of line and now are becoming painful returning to their original state. I just can't believe how tuff this little girl is!!!! Animals are just INCREDIBLE.....Thanks Bill!!!!!
Zena the Wonder Horse     Zena the Wonder Horse

March 2012

I wanted to let everyone know that our little "No Name Pony", is doing OK. Her pain meds are making her feel much better. She is eating and drinking very well, and now that she is on very soft ground she is standing more. I want to thank Dana for bringing her to my attention. After being turned away by other organizations you didn't stop until you found someone that would help.

April 2, 2012

This is a little hard to see, but now that "Zena" is losing her winter coat you can see more of her suffering. "Zena" has been with us several weeks and her feet are improving. I just don't think anyone can grasp just what a rack of bones she was and still is. Believe it or not she has put on a lot of weight! Such a slow process but she loves her horse cookies and will try and take your whole hand. I don't think she was ever given a treat, but given the chance she will still try and kick you into the next county ;-)
Zena the Wonder Horse

April 12, 2012

OK... now for some GREAT news!!! "Zena", came here a little over a month ago. I gained custody of her with the thought I would have to end her suffering. She spent over a year having to crawl in an abandoned lot. Her hooves had grown so long that they almost grew back into her leg. My farrier Bill Schmidt thought he could save her but it would take probably over a year to bring her back. Well, this week "Zena" ran from Bill (keyword RAN) and it took both of us to catch her!!! Now when she came here it took several members from MERS to carry her in here she could not walk. Bill was in shock and very happy. Now she still scores in at a body score of a (1) she is very thin, but this will take time. She is out of quarantine and in an area where she can see everything that is going on. Her body has to make adjustments; she is still twisted from not being able to walk...THANK YOU BILL YOU ARE A MIRACLE WORKER!!!!!!! "Zena" is one tuff pony all her years of suffering are over!
Zena the Wonder Horse     Zena the Wonder Horse

May 31, 2012

Yesterday was a day I hate...decisions had to be made on Zena our little pony. She had spent over a year crawling in a field not being able to walk just from neglect. She has made a huge improvement from the care she has received here. When you stop and think that her hoofs were so long that they curled up and over and almost started growing in her leg. Her hoofs look almost normal! She has one foot that just is giving her problems so we have to look at her quality of life. No one is willing to give up as yet; she has come so far in her healing. As long as she keeps trying, we will keep trying right along with her. She will remain on pain meds, and extra TLC every day...She is one tuff little girl!!!

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