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We are a Rescue/Retirement Farm for hard-to-place feathered and furry friends.


The Shannon Foundation Farm is nestled in a beautiful valley in rural central Missouri. Covering over 100 acres, the animals are given every opportunity to live out their lives enjoying the peacefulness of nature, including spacious pastures, acres of woodland, a pond, and a running stream. 

The farm is a permanent sanctuary for most of our animals who mainly come from rescue situations ranging from abuse and abandonment, to pets whose owners have passed away leaving them homeless. One of our main goals is to help our animals adjust and grow into the beautiful, happy animals they were meant to be.




I looked at all the caged animals in the shelter, the cast-offs of human society. I saw in their eyes love and hope, fear and dread, sadness, and betrayal. And I was angry. "God!" I said, "this is terrible! Why don't you do something." God was silent for a moment, and then spoke softly, "I have done something," was the reply. "I created you."  ( Jim Willis 1999-2004)


Many people underestimate the time, care, and devotion it takes to provide for just one animal. Each animal needs to be fed and watered daily, in addition to regular grooming and veterinary checkups. Also important is maintaining emotional needs, making sure each animal is given regular personal, loving attention.


The Shannon Foundation is home to nearly 100 animals of all shapes and sizes!!! We currently have to limit our intake of rescued animals in order to pay for the bills and feed costs of our current residents, so please help out our wonderful foundation! 




Thank you to our Sponsors!

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